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For the next two hours you will participate in fun challenges and activities. You have been divided into teams with a mission to explore and enjoy the hotel and Hersonissos village as a group.

Here are your teams ->

The instructions and challenges are up for interpretation – to test your creativity as a group! Keep in mind that creativity will always be rewarded!

Before you begin

  • Pick a team name for your group.

  • Choose/create a mascot for your team and name it.

  • Your mascot needs to be in all pictures/videos you upload during the activities.

  • Assign a person who will be responsible for the photo and video documentation of all of the challenges.

Upload to Instagram

Once you have completed all of the challenges it's time to upload your documentation to our Instagram account "TaskmasterSummit22".

  • Upload as one (1) post per team with a maximum of ten pictures/videos - one for each challenge.

  • Write the name of you team and your mascot as the image caption.

  • Do not publish anything before 13.30 (not to reveal your creativity to the other teams).

  • Publish documentation no later than 14.00.

How to log in to our Instagram account

  • Click on the menu to the top right (three horizontal lines).

  • Click on "Settings".

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on "Add account".

  • Click on "Log into existing account".

  • Username: TaskmasterSummit22

  • Password: Summit22

  • Click on "Log In".

Scoring and announcement of the winner

  • Our judges will award one point to the winning team of each challenge, depending on how your group performed and the level of creativity used.

  • The team with the most points will be the final winner of Sigma Taskmaster 2022! 

  • The winning team will be announced during the "Back to the 80's" party at Saturday night.

Now, let's get on with it and let the adventure begin!

Sigma Challenge Accomplished!


  • Make a team cheering song inspired by the 80’s.

  • Record a video with your team and mascot while singing your team cheering song.


  • Build a human pyramid with as many team members as possible.

  • Take a picture of the pyramid.

  • The team with the greatest pyramid wins.


  • Create an imaginative vision for how your company will develop in the next couple of months.

  • Create a “newspaper headline” of this vision.

  • Document this newspaper headline so you can submit it to our Instagram.

  • The team with the most innovative newspaper headline wins.


  • Build the tallest tower possible on the most unstable ground.

  • Submit a video of your tower standing by itself for at least 5 seconds.

  • The team with the tallest tower on the most unstable ground wins.


  • Walk to Hersonissos village.

  • Take a team “groupie” with your mascot and something characteristic of Crete.

  • Most characteristically Cretan picture wins.


  • Go to one of the “all inclusive” bars at the hotel.

  • Order something nice to drink.

  • Take a boomerang video with Instagram while making a toast, all together, with your left hand.

  • The team with the most celebratory boomerang video wins.


  • Take the worst picture of the best view.

  • The team with the most creative picture wins.


  • Put together a dance choreography with 4-5 steps to the song “Mamma Mia” by ABBA.

  • Make a short music video with the dance moves and the song.

  • The team with the best spirit wins. 

  • Note: this might come in handy later this evening.


  • Invent a new word that will be useful to you all at work.

  • Explain the meaning of your word.

  • Document the word and explanation so you can submit it to our Instagram.

  • The team with the most creative word and explanation wins.


  • Take the best picture of the worst view.

  • The team with the most creative picture wins.

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