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Sigma Technology pays for flight travel, accommodation and dinner for three nights. Your contribution is the time required. With a bit of planning we hope it will be possible for all employees to put in the hours needed prior to the trip, in order to use them during the seminar.

You will have access to a guide/coordinator/contact person from Engdahl&Berg Event Agency who is able to answer any questions during your stay.

The seminar is open to all employees at Sigma Technology companies in Sweden. The number of reserved flight seats are 680, which means prioritization and a reserve list will be necessary should the number of participants exceed this. First come, first serve!


This registration is binding and cancellation will incur a cancellation fee according to the table below. Cancellation due to illness, accident or similar is free of charge, providing a medical statement can be shown.

As the focus of the seminar is long term development for personnel and organisation alike, employees who have signed up for the seminar but decide to end their employment shortly before or after the seminar will be cancelled from the seminar and also be requested to cover the cost of the seminar according to following. More than 45 days: 1 000 SEK, 45-30 days: 6 500 SEK, 30-15 days: 10 000 SEK, 15-0 days: 15 000 SEK (days before departure).


You have an extra insurance from ERV for group travels. The details of this insurance will be published later this summer.


Make sure that your passport is valid during the whole stay in order to avoid to get denied entry to Spain. In general it is good to ensure that your passport is valid 3 months after your trip ends. If you need to apply for a new passport we kindly ask you to do so as soon as possible.

If you are not a Swedish citizen please contact your embassy and investigate if there is anything you must do in advance to visiting Spain.

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